Monday, 30 April 2007

Library Online Databases

I discovered a neat resource the other day which is available to anyone who has a library card through the SDC library system. There is a collection of online databases that you can access simply by putting in your password which is on the back of your library card. Most of the databases are not specific to New Zealand but they do have the Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre which is great for accessing newspapers and magazines.

You can find the links to the databases here:

Just click on a database, sign in, and put in the keywords that you are looking for. It's great that we have this resource for free. Thanks SDC.


Badger said...

This sounds as if it will be really useful. I knew about the catalogue of library books, like the old card indexes they had in the local libraries, but not such a comprehensive one as this sounds to be.

Thanks for passing on your find.

Otautau Blogger said...

Here's another link. I don't buy or read newspapers very often but Stuff offers all the main stories for free:

You can even search for specific things like 'Otautau' and it finds the current stories for you.

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