Sunday, 29 April 2007

Otautau War Memorial

Pictured left is the Otautau War Memorial on Main Street with wreaths laid on Anzac Day 2007. On all four sides of the centre section are the names of soldiers lost in WWI.

To the right are the names of soldiers who died in WWII.

While I was searching for something else on the web I ran across an old letter to the editor in the Southland Times that referred to a soldier buried in the old Otautau Cemetery who had died in Gallipoli in WWI.


Otautau Blogger said...

The person who had died at Gallipoli was Private Harry Moffat. He died 7 Aug 1915, age 24. He was buried in the old cemetery.
Source: Otautau Old Cemetery records held at the Otautau Museum (obtained from Invercargill Library).

Anonymous said...

He is not buried in Otautau Old cemetary. It's just a rememberance mention on the headstone. Harry Moffat is buried Embarkation Pier Cemetary - Gallipoli - Turkey (Source Commonwealth War Commission)

Cathy said...

Thanks Aonymous.

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