Saturday, 28 April 2007


Since we had such a nice comment about the McKenzie Arboretum and picnic area, I thought I'd post a recent photo I took while on the trail in the Pourakino area.

The Pourakino picnic area is only about 10km from Otautau. You have to leave your car at the main entrance and walk into the area because there are such deep ruts in the road that driving would be unwise. But it is a very short and pleasant walk and hints at the wonderful, native forest within.

There is the old steam engine there of course and blocks where the saw mill once stood. For walkers, there are two trails to choose from. Both trails are loops so there is no chance of getting lost. The trail pictured starts with a wooden bridge built by DoC and proceeds along a waterway with occasional signs to point out features.

In the centre of this photo you can barely see the arched concrete bridge that covers Granite Stream. This bridge was used for carting out logs with bush tractors and locomotives.

The trail takes approximately 45 minutes to walk and is a very lovely, quiet experience.


Badger said...

I haven't been to Pourakino for years. Will have to go again and see if anything has changed. Sounds as if the tracks are the same, anyway.
The children used to love going there for picnics and a good fossick around. Does them good to be out in the bush. Something pleasant to see all the time, peace and quiet, good for the soul and they can always learn something too.
Our eldest went to stay the weekend in Dunedin with a school friend, and on his return said he would hate to live in town, nothing to do !!

Otautau Blogger said...

I will be interested to hear if you have seen any changes to Pourakino. It's such a beautiful place. Glad to hear your son values rural life.

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