Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Otautau War Memorial - the price of war

The Otautau Museum has a photo on display of the war memorial on the day it was opened in 1922. A huge crowd gathered in comemoration of the 57 men from our area who had died in WWI. Here is the list of the men killed in action. I found out where they were from on this site and whether they were killed in Gallipoli on this site

Angus, H. L.
Allan, L.
Ayton, J. B. -- of Aparima.
Beck, J. R. E. -- of Wairio.
Brown, W. G. N. -- of Otautau.
Butler, W. J.
Clark, W.
Craig, F. -- of Tuatapere; died in Gallipoli.
Dodds, H. B.
Dove, A. E.
Ellis, P. -- of Wairio.
Evans, G. R.
Findlater, A. W.
Flett, W.
Ford, H.
Ford, R. E.
Ford, S.
Gavigan, O. D. -- of Otautau.
Gibson, J. T. -- of Waikoura.
Gonley, D.
Grant-Ussher, F. -- of Caversham, Dunedin; died in Gallipoli.
Healey, W.
Johnstone, P. T.
Johnstone, W. E. -- of Isla Bank.
Keddell, R. A.
King, L. V.
Laidlaw, F. A. -- of Otautau.
Laidlaw, J. G. -- of Otautau.
Laing, J. D.
Lamont, N. S.
Lindsay, A. D. -- of Otautau.
Meffin, G.
Moffat, H. -- of Orawia; died in Gallipoli.
Moore, J. W. C. -- of Otautau.
Morris, J.
Muir, D.
McAfee, J. -- of Otautau.
McCaw, D.
McKenzie, D. -- of Wairio.
McIntosh, C. F. -- of Fairfax.
O'Shaughnessy, P.
Pay, E. J.
Poole, A. P. -- of Isla Bank.
Poole, T. H. -- of Isla Bank.
Poole, E. A. -- of Isla Bank.
Powell, W. J.
Ryan, T. G.
Scott, A. J.
Stephens, T. A.
Tangney, E.
Thomas, E. R. -- of Otautau; died in Gallipoli.
Thomson, A. D. -- of Otautau.
Ward, A. H. -- of Fairfax.

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