Tuesday, 17 July 2007

beautiful birds

With very few (if any?) local plants or trees producing nectar or berries at this time of year, I was amazed to find that one couple has kindly answered the call of the wild. Ruby & Colin Clark of Main Street (and some of their immediate neighbours) supply jars full of sugar water to the local birds. They say they often see several bellbirds, a swarm of waxeyes and up to six tui hanging around waiting for their turn to drink the sweet waters. To try this yourself, use 1 cup of sugar and 1 litre of water; stir until dissolved. Keep the container out of reach of cats or dogs. [Thanks to the Clarks for permission to photograph and publish on this blog.]
Top - Bellbird (Anthornis melanura) and two waxeyes (Zosterops lateralis).
Middle - a tui or parson bird (Prosthemadera noaeseelandiae).
Bottom - a bunch of waxeyes.


Couch-Suddaby said...

Kia ora
Love seeing the native birds. I have two birdfeeders which attract the tauhou (Ringeye)and other common garden birds. You are very fortunate to have the tui,korimako and tauhou visit.
Tino pai rawa atu.
Na Rangimāria

Otautau Blogger said...

Kia ora Rangimaria,

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I agree, we are lucky to have these birds in Otautau. We also have a population of kereru who especially love the Eucalyptus trees here. They come in early spring to feed on the new leaves. And all year round, of course, we have the wonderful black-billed gulls. I hope to get a good picture of them too someday.

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