Sunday, 30 December 2007

Axemen photos

The Axemen competition -- what a show it was.

Competitors came from Wales, Canada, Australia, the North Island, the West Coast and Canterbury. With such a strong international contingent and the best from Southland and Otago, the competition was fast and furious, and the wood chips were flying.

World champions and newcomers alike used strength, technique and sheer guts to chop and saw their way to axeman infamy.

Generations of families were there as well, taking part in a sport that has such a long history in the Western Southland with its legacy of sawmilling. The Corbins (Riverton) are shown here in the Jack and Jill sawing competition while their son, who also competed in woodchopping, urges them on.

There were a few snags with the equipment. Some axes actually broke in half due to all the brute strength about the place, and that dashed the hopes of a few.

Near the end of the day before the last jigger board race, there was a team relay competition of chopping and sawing between the South Island and everyone else. The South Island team won!

I have many more pictures than space allows though unfortunately I missed the axe-throwing and other events but hopefully you can see this was a quite a fun day and much appreciated by the crowd.

Thanks to the Railway Hotel and all the sponsors for helping to bring this great event to our town.

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