Saturday, 1 March 2008

Space in Southland

Ok, this is slightly off-topic but may be of interest:

Space in Southland is a new exhibition about to open at the Southland Museum & Art Gallery. One of its themes is how satellite imagery is helping to rehabilitate the Awarua Wetlands.

The media release states:
"In addition to space food, the exhibition contains solar panels from the International Space Station, real-time satellite tracking displays and other space paraphernalia, alongside plants and animals from the Awarua Wetland. There is even some 'space junk' that was recovered from Fiordland after it fell out of the sky."

The exhibition will also feature an opportunity to launch rockets out the back of the museum. This is no time to be lost in space. The exhibition sounds fun!

For more information: Robin McNeill, Enterprise Project Manager, Venture Southland; Tel: 03 211 1410; Mobile 021 516 366; Email:

Gael Ramsay, Director, Southland Museum and Art Gallery; Tel: 03 219 9069; Email:

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