Friday, 18 April 2008

First Blast the Coldest?

Thunder! Hail! A cold slap in the face! That's what greeted us today as we got the first really cold southerly blast this season. It's an unwelcome reminder of how cold our winters really are. But I think back to last winter during the frosty months of June and July. One person I ran into on Main Street, who I felt was not really dressed to be outside (no coat for goodness sake) said, 'it's very fresh, isn't it?' She seemed to have the winter spirit - just rush in and enjoy it. And there's more freshness where that came from.
Pictured above, a snow tussock cradling hail stones.

My days are a bit short for keeping this blog up to date. I'm actually trying to get work done on my house - painting and plastering of all things. But I keep hoping and egging you on to send me a photo or write a comment to keep the blog interesting. I know some of you have an 'inner blogger' just dying to get out. Maybe you'd like to cover the local rugby games (there's one on Saturday) or talk about local issues - dairy farming, the price of cheese, or how we can make this town a better place. If so, maybe you'd like to become an occasional writer on the blog. Why not drop me a line. As you can see, there is no experience necessary, just an interest in putting your thoughts into words. You will be amazed at how easy blogging is.

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