Monday, 14 April 2008

Named Homesteads - 2

A kind and resourceful reader has sent me the link to Land Information New Zealand. Apparently you can search for placenames on their website. They identity which places are homesteads. These places can also be searched on the NZTopo map viewer. Click on the nav button on the left that looks like a torch light. Type in the placename or road. Then click on the number link (e.g. '1' or '2') to see it on the map. My reader had searched for homesteads in the Otautau area and found these:


Most of the names I had listed in my last post were not on the NZTopo map. In fact, only Redfern remained. It seems there would need to be more groundwork to find information on these old homesteads, not to mention the homes that were named rather unofficially and sentimentally.

Isn't it great that some gov't agencies are getting their databases online and making them searchable and accessible? The NZTopo maps are copyright-protected but it's so educational just to spend time viewing these maps and learning about the area in which we live.

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