Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Bird Stats

Well, the results of our unscientific but daring poll on birdlife in the Otautau District are in. The poll question was: In one hour, how many of these birds do you see or hear in your garden or yard? (Otautau District only) The number below indicates how many people said they had seen birds.

5 - blackbirds, house sparrows, silvereyes, and starlings
4 - bellbirds and fantails
3 - chaffinches, song thrushes
2 - greenfinches, kereru and magpies
1 - goldfinches, grey warblers, hedge sparrows, red polls, tui, welcome swallowss, spur-winged plovers and harriers

The Landcare Research Garden Bird Survey (July 2007) measured the number of birds in gardens but also the distribution of those birds across all gardens. They found that:

Blackbirds were the most widely distributed species, being present in 90% of home gardens, followed by house sparrows in 86%, silvereyes 81%, starlings
61%, song thrushes 52%, and other species less than 50% of home gardens.

This is very similar to the results we had with our five brave participants. We could've saved them a lot of money. But the folks at Landcare Research are planning another poll in July so we'll have another chance to make our votes count.

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