Wednesday, 11 June 2008

China Earthquake Relief

A kind visitor sent me this call to action -- think global, act local:

Is there something in the shed or the spare room that you don't need anymore but it's too good to put in the rubbish bin? Think about donating it to the Southland District Council Social Club's Earthquake Relief China Fundraising Garage Sale.

All proceeds from this sale will go towards purchasing urgent medical equipment for the survivors of the recent earthquake in China. If you want to drop off something just head to the Old Showgrounds AG Pavilion on Arena Avenue just off Victoria Avenue (click here for a map). Sorry, Arena Avenue is so new it doesn't show up any maps yet, but it's there!

The SDC Social Club will have people there:

Thurs, 12 June, between noon to 2pm.
Fri, 13 June, between noon and 2pm.
Fri, 13 June, between 6pm and 9pm.

If you want to buy items the sale will be Saturday, 14 June, between 9am and noon. Anything left over will be donated to the Habitat for Humanity shop in Glengarry. So clear out a few items cluttering your home or office and donate them to raise money for those in need!

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