Sunday, 29 June 2008

Otautau v Waiau Star - Western Banner Challenge

Waiau Star hosted the challenge for the Western Banner on Saturday in the beautiful, natural surroundings of the Tuatapere Domain. Ohai/Nightcaps held the banner until last week when Waiau Star took it off of them. Then yesterday, the Otautau team vied for the prestige of holding the banner.

It was a cold, muddy game, but both teams displayed good offence and defence despite the slippery conditions.

The crowd was equally spirited on both sides. But Waiau Star had the home town advantage - everytime a try was scored people cheered wildly, and those sitting in their cars honked their horns madly.

I didn't catch the score but Otautau lost. Here are a few photos starting at half-time. Otautau is in the red and white stripes.

Strategic planning.

Moving forward.Loose ball.Big body contact.

Excellent lineout.

Waiau Star retains the Western Banner.

Otautau's next game is against the Central Pirates on Saturday, 5 July, 6pm at Holt Park, Otautau. Come on out and support the team.

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