Friday, 18 July 2008

I Spy - II

I went to the Aparima River and sat for a while. I saw a Little Shag (probably the same as the other day), 3 banded dotterels, a few harriers, and many spur-winged plovers. This is what I managed to get pictures of.
Two paradise shelducks (putangitangi)

A group of pied oystercatchers (torea) flying with pied stilts (poaka).

Pied stilts wading.

A pied stilt exchanging words with a spur-winged plover.

The great thing about seeing the pied stilts is that 'stilts' were mentioned in Customers and Green Men, Elizabeth McKay's book on growing up in Otautau in the early 1900s. So far, other birds mentioned in the book and seen are: banded dotterels, pied oystercatchers, and black-billed gulls. Still to be seen are: terns, skylarks, wrybill plovers, bitterns and white herons.

It's also been a challenge trying to find the best places to access the river. A nice walking track from town would be a great enhancement and help residents and passersby appreciate what a beautiful river we have here. I would be very keen to grow native plants for such a project.

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