Friday, 28 November 2008

Massive Booksale

This morning, members of the Otautau Heritage Trust and Otautau Museum Trust gathered to set up the Courthouse for the annual Otautau Booksale. After about 2 hours work, they wondered whether they should've arranged for a bigger venue. The shear numbers of books donated for the sale is staggering.

This is the usual set-up for the booksale - all fitting in the main room of the courthouse with plenty of boxes underneath the tables for overflow.
But this time there are so many books, magazines, puzzles, CDs etc that they've expanded into two of the museum's display rooms to accommodate the sizeable inventory.

Along with many of the other sections, the children's section seems to have doubled in size from last year.
With all of this abundance, there is truly something for everyone at this booksale. So come on down, this Saturday or Sunday, 10am-4pm, at the old Courthouse, 146 Main Street, Otautau.

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