Saturday, 13 December 2008

Garden Wildlife

A kind reader sent me these extraordinary photos taken from his garden. The first two are damselflies and the third is a dragonfly wing. The damselfly is different from the dragonfly because it can fold its wings to its side whereas the dragonfly keeps its wings at right-angles to its body. I think damselflies are natives but am not sure. Any experts on insects out there?

So with the wonderful weather, sunny and warm, flowers blooming, wildlife everywhere - maybe this can be the beginning of a 'Garden Wildlife' series. If you have photos of the wildlife in your garden, send them to me at I'd be happy to post them on the blog as part of this series.


JDH said...

According to my reference there are three species of damsel-flies and 11 species of true dragon-flies in NZ. All undergo a prolonged larval stage as nymphs under water. The red damsel-fly (Xanthocnemis zealandica)is, apparently, very common. Maori name kihitara. The blue variety seems to be more common locally. JDH

Cathy said...

Thanks for looking up that information, JDH. If they spend a while underwater in the larval stage but the water is too polluted it might impact survival. Yet another reason, albeit small, to keep our waterways clean. Thanks for commenting.

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