Saturday, 28 March 2009

100 years ago this month

Delving into the Otautau Standards for March 1909, 100 years ago this month, wheat crops were as high as horses backs, the Otautau Tennis Club played Winton and lost, and played Nightcaps and won, and various shows were happening at the Town Hall including this one, a fundraiser for the Methodist Church.

Otautau Methodist Concert
A company of very talented amateur performers gave an enjoyable concert in the Town Hall on Wednesday evening in aid of the funds of the Methodist Church. The programme [began] with a pianoforte selection by Mrs Brokenshire; this lady acted as accompaniste throughout the evening. A chorus by the party, "The ol black 'oss," reminded one of "The Idlers." Mr Brokenshire, who is one of the best tenor singers visiting Otautau, sang delightfully "Mona," and later "Whisper and I shall hear"; also in company with Mrs Brokenshire, the duet "Nocturne," which was persistently encored. The comic element was supplied by Mr F. Mulligan, who kept the audience in a state of mirth. Mr E. A. Wall played a very fine flute solo, and in the second part of the programme played a duet with Mr C. E. Griffiths, the latter on the flute, and Mr Walls on a bike pump, from which he appeared to bring a good amount of first-class music. Mr C. E. Griffiths, who has a very deep bass voice, sang "The deep cold sea" and "The deathless army," and also gave a comic reading, "Mrs Doogan's discovery." Two very acceptable acceptable items were banjo duets by Mrs Hastie and Mr Wall. The concert was brought to a close by the hearty singing of "God save the King."
And earlier in the month, 4 March 1909, Nadine the White Mahatma was headlining at the Otautau Town Hall.

Another interesting item in the 2 March 1909 edition was a sale for grand pianos.
"The London Piano Company are having a great sale of pianos in McNeil's new buildings over the bridge; the sale, which will only last for a fortnight, is a genuine opportunity of securing a first-class piano at exceptionally low rate, and a visit to the show should not be delayed by all those who want to acquire one of these comfortable homemakers."
I wonder how many folks back then actually bought one of these 'homemakers', and are they collecting dust in someone's shed now.

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