Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Otautau Standards Online

The Otautau Standard, our historical newspaper, is now on Papers Past, an online database of NZ newspapers. The issues covered include 1905-1932. This is a great tool for family researchers. Many thanks to the folks at the National Library for all their hard work in helping to make this paper more accessible.

Later issues of the newspaper (1933-1946) can be accessed directly via microfilm at the Otautau office of the Southland District Council.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Don't Throw Grandma's Sampler Away!

There is a project called the New Zealand Sampler, and its aims are to create a database of samplers in New Zealand and to tell their unique stories.

What's a sampler?? Well, it's embroidery that highlights one's skill with the needle. Many of the old samplers are of the alphabet or feature special edging patterns, but some also depict homes or special events. So they can carry historical significance along with sentimental value.

If you've got a sampler, either made in New Zealand or brought here, and would like to share your story, get in touch with Vivien Caughley of NZ Sampler. Her research may well result in a book.

You can find out more on the New Zealand Sampler website

If you'd like to see what samplers are all about, here is a link to Te Papa's collection of samplers

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

A Dumping of Snow

Main Street looking north toward Otautau.

The Courthouse

The Central Garage and Beyond

The Otautau Stream

Rider in the Storm...

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