Friday, 28 August 2009

Last Day for Bayswater and Gladfield Exhibition

Sunday will be the last day for the Bayswater and Gladfield display at the museum. This display has been on for 3 months and has attracted many people from those areas.

The next display will be split in two - the first subject will feature local transport through the years (cars, trucks and garages); and the second one will feature projects from the students of Otautau School.

Toward the end of the year the museum is planning a display of the history of the Fairfax area. If you have photos or objects to loan, please bring them by the museum. It's open Wednesdays and Sundays, 2pm-4pm.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

What's happening at the arboretum?

The Alex McKenzie Memorial Arboretum Charitable Trust

After many teething problems the Trust is making progress towards its vision of restoring the arboretum to its former glory and enhancing it for all to enjoy. This is a long term project but over the last year we have seen:
  1. The removal of most of the large, suckering poplars which have been delaying progress. This area will require further spraying this spring with a view to mass-planting it in autumn.
  2. The erection of a kiosk at the carpark with a map and information panel (see picture).
  3. Planting of a variety of deciduous trees in a memorial grove last October. These trees were kindly donated by members of the public and the plaques for them (detailing name of donor/message and species of tree) will be installed soon.
The trust is extremely grateful for the hours of work put in by Vic Keen (retiring as a trustee this year), and other publicly-minded locals such as Ian Watson and Fred Dalley.

There are many tasks ahead of us if we are to achieve our aims - such as restoring the capping railings on the fence along the frontage, laying of gravel paths, and thinning and felling unwanted trees in the area of the original plantings so that the more valuable and interesting specimens will not be overgrown. We have plans to establish a heritage orchard and to set aside an area of flax plants suitable for weaving. We will tackle all of these as our budget, the weather, and the availability of skilled labour and machinery permits.
It is disappointing to report that the toilets have been repeatedly subjected to petty vandalism and theft. Recently a picnic table was stolen. If you see any sign of suspicious activity we would grateful if you would report it to the police.

Forthcoming events.
We welcome any input from members of the community. There are many ways you may like to be involved:
  1. A working bee is planned for Wednesday, 19th August. Start 9.00am. This will be weather dependent. (Contact our secretary: Sandra McKenzie 225 8086)
  2. Our AGM is on 26th August (7.30 pm at the SDC building)
  3. We will be adding more trees to the memorial grove this spring. If you would like to donate a tree on behalf of your family, in memory of a loved one or annonymously, please contact our secretary.
More details will follow in a later blog...

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