Saturday, 24 April 2010

Planting Day at the Arboretum

Last Saturday, the Arboretum Trust held a very successful planting day. The Otautau Lions Club provided much of the labour, and a few community members showed up too.

The area had been prepared days before with holes dug and planting stakes in place. Carpet squares had been pre-cut to provide a barrier against the tall grass. All in anticipation of the 150 native plants which were to arrive from Home Creek nursery. The plants looked big and healthy but not all arrived despite the best efforts at communication.

When I dropped by, the Lions (and a Cub Scout pictured left) were well into the planting. This was facilitated by a coding system - the planting bags were labelled and plants brought to the stakes of the same label. The coordinator, Jesse Bythell, had it all mapped out - which plants were to go where. Really great to see what highly organised people with a vision can accomplish. By noon, everything had been planted and carpeted. Job done.

The next aspect of the vision is to develop a heritage orchard with the help of the Guytons of Riverton.

Thanks to the Trust, the arboretum is realising its potential and turning into an asset the town can be proud of.

(Pictured above: Otautau Lions planting at the Arboretum. Pictured left: Cub Scout, Bradley Braven, planting)

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