Monday, 31 May 2010

Big Fog

We had a big fog and light frost this morning, although these black & whites make it look frostier than it actually was.The fog reveals the spider webs on the fences.
Main Street looks empty and foreboding.
But the lancewoods that were planted around 2004 are leaving their juvenile stage finally.

The Otautau Railway
The Old Cemetery

Tortured Willows on Knutsford Road.

Horses in the Mist


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Are considering moving south otautau area, so these photos and weather updates are really useful. How often is this reported on?

Cathy said...

Hi Teena,

I'd like to say I am diligent about reporting the weather but am not. If we have a weather event or the river rises, I go out and take pictures. And actually, those fog pictures only tell half the story. By that afternoon, we had a sunny, warm, clear day. I should've taken more pictures just to show the contrast.

But generally, we have pretty good weather in Otautau. We get cold wintry days; it even snows once or twice, but interspersed are warm, sunny days too. Before we know it, winter is over and spring is on the way.

Thanks for commenting and feel free to check back and comment again.

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