Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Great Otautau Shave Off

A big fundraiser will have some men and women sporting a new look. On 28 June, at the Sports Complex, 11 brave souls will have their heads shaved to raise money for Ronald McDonald House - South Island. RMH provides free accommodation and support to families of children and young people with illnesses that require hospital treatment in Christchurch. Recently, a few Otautau families have used these facilities, and this Shave Off is our way of saying thanks to RMH for giving them a home away from home.

The Great Otautau Shave Off was initiated by Otautau School, and it seems fitting that its principal, Ben Witheford, will be among the privileged to shed his locks.

Each participant has their own fundraising webpage. You can see how much money has been pledged and add your own donations, by clicking on the person's name. Ben Witheford, School Principal; Sue Carran, Chairperson of the School's Board of Trustees; Maureen Johnston, School Caretaker; Jill Hodgson, Teacher; Dave Cowie, Police Constable; Paul Nicolson, Western Electrical; Kerrin Jackson, Western Motors; Nigel Manson, Dairy Farmer; Graeme Carran, Sheep Farmer; "Stearnie", Stearne Roofing; and Jane Campbell, Mother and Volunteer.

You can see all the participants on the Otautau School webpage as well as visit the Great Otautau Shave Off's Facebook page.

The Great Otautau Shave Off takes place on 28 June, 7pm at the Otautau Sports Complex, Hulme Street.

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