Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Earthquake Aftermath

I'm in Christchurch seeing some of the damage to the central business district from the earthquake that happened September 4th. Thought these photos might be of interest. This is the R&R Sport building on Colombo and Tuam Sts. It's a brick building that lost a whole side on the top floor.

This is the side of a building on Colombo Street. The front was undamaged.

This is the Provincial Hotel on Cashel Street. It lost a bit around the gables.

This is the side of St John's Anglican Church on Latimer Square.

The front of St John's needs heavy steel bracing to keep it stable.

This stone building on Manchester and Worcester Sts was formerly a church. Before the earthquake, it was a restaurant. Now, it's an art installation. The blue steel girders have sprouted sculptures - a mannequin climber is shown but a bungy jumper and kayaker scale the girders below.
Since September 4th, there have been over 2000 aftershocks in the Canterbury region. Here is a neat time-lapse quake map that shows where and how big the quakes have been. You can let it run from Day 1 or choose a specific day. And of course, there is GeoNet's Recent Quakes page which is very informative.
If something like this were to happen to our region, services might be slow in getting to us because we are so rural, so visit the EQ-IQ page and get prepared.

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