Sunday, 19 December 2010

Drummond Hall

The Drummond Public Hall
Photo by Helen McLeish. All rights reserved.

The Drummond Public Hall

The Drummond Hall is being taken apart, piece by piece. It was built by about 1902 and has been the centre of the Drummond community for over a hundred years. Various forces have converged to create its demise - a costly upgrade being the major factor.

I was told by the gentleman dismantling it that the whole building was made of rimu including the walls which were lined with tongue in groove. Some of the wood has already been recycled and is now part of the new, beautiful bar at the Otautau Hotel (along with wood from the Pukemaori School), and some of the wood will be going to Auckland. The wood with borer will be burned.

It was surprising to hear from this gentleman that no schools have visited the site to learn more about the history of the area, and why the hall was being dismantled. Nor have any scout groups approached him for wood to use in building projects. Seems a shame to have such a quiet end for something that was once so lively and part of the community.

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