Saturday, 12 March 2011

Two Painters Paintin'

"You Missed a Spot!"

The day started out foggy and damp, but by the afternoon it was another warm, sunny day in Otautau. The day was so nice that Peter Gutsell and George Stearne got out the ladders and paint brushes and picked up where they left off painting the Courthouse. This has been a DIY job by two of the town's hardest working men.

A few weeks ago, they started by waterblasting the building to get rid of the dark mossy, mould that had been growing steadily over the years. Then the painting started. The transformation of this historic building has been beautiful to behold. And they still aren't finished. More to do, they assure me. And many more men have been involved than just these two. Aren't the results brilliant so far? The building hasn't looked this good in years.

The Otautau Courthouse was built in 1908. It is in what was known as the civic part of town next to the Post Office (built 1906) and Town Hall (built 1912). All of these buildings were of the classic red bricks and mortar style - a style that is increasingly under threat with the concern of earthquake damage to buildings with unreinforced masonry.

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