Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Changes in the Main

Main Street has been undergoing changes. In the past few months, we've had sidewalks repaved. And now the water pipes are being dug up and replaced.
Some of the lancewoods (Horoeka or Pseudopanax crassifolius) that were once part of the Main Street beautification project of 2004 have now been uprooted and replanted. This was done for safety reasons as pedestrians and drivers felt they were causing visibility problems. We will also be losing a parking space near the police station to help make that part of the street safer to navigate around the 'islands'.

The lancewoods are now behind the Otautau log sign. This log is a commemoration to Otautau's logging history. The lancewoods look right at home there with the gorgeous red tussocks.

The Courthouse has some finishing touches too - beautiful red doors, and the words Court House painted in red. Fabulous. Previously, the letters were white and not as easy to see.

Other changes that have happened are that Carleton's Pharmacy has moved from its long-established location to share premises with Otautau Joinery gift shop on Main Street. The two businesses really complement each other as you can shop for something nice for the home as well as picking up medicines.

And of course, the Otautau Hotel has been undergoing loads of renovations inside and outside - a new bar and a new smoking area to name just a few.

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