Monday, 4 April 2011

Kids Making a Difference

The following post was kindly sent in by a local resident on the St Andrews Scout Group garage sale fundraiser for Christchurch held last month.
This is Hannah, Shelby and Tyren Cormack on the day of the Christchurch earthquake. Tyren wanted to help Christchurch so much following the earthquake that he was willing to sell his Xbox which he did. So he came up with the plan of a garage sale. We set to it and planned this to raise money for Christchurch. It was held on Saturday, 12 March. We made $1260.30 from our garage sale and sausages sizzle. Tyren was over the moon that we made it past $1000.00 which was his goal.

We could not have done it without the support of Otautau, and we had great helpers to pull the day off. They were: Jane Campbell, Julie Quinn, Susan Mathieson helping inside with sales; Kelvin Cormack on the BBQ; all the scouts and cubs that helped - they are true scouts, that's for sure. It made me very, very proud to be a leader to these scouts. They really showed me that people come together when we need to.
The above photo is Tyren with some of the goods that were donated. We ended up with so much stuff. It was unreal how people wanted to help us.
Thanks, Kelly, for sending this in.

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kelly cormack said...

Thanks Cathy what a great write up, i am very proud, bring on more exciting things in otautau

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