Friday, 10 June 2011

Cross Country Champs

Believe it or not, on this purely frigid day, the Southland Cross Country Champs was held at Holt Park. All areas of Southland were represented by the best of its young cross country runners (up to age 13). Photograph © 2011 Cathy Onellion.
These kids battled rugged conditions, climbing hills, crossing creeks, breathing the icy air. I arrived late, only to see the 13-year old boys and girls races - a 3.5km course through the backside of Holt Park. I witnessed more than a few giving it their all and collapsing at the finish line. Photograph © 2011 Cathy Onellion.
But the look of pride and accomplishment was more than evident for those whose names were called to the winners' podium. Photograph © 2011 Cathy Onellion.

Photograph © 2011 Cathy Onellion.

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