Monday, 30 January 2012

The Wind

We've had some very windy days. One nice thing about the wind is that it turns the white poplar leaves silverside up. These are dotted along the railway line, south of town.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Hosing Restrictions

We've had loads of sunshine for weeks. Swarms of ladybirds have sought refuge from the heat by clinging to the shady sides of houses. This warm weather has been great for all kinds of summer activities, but it's taking its toll on paddocks far and wide. Food for stock animals is in short supply. No rain - no grass.
So the SDC announced the following hosing restrictions yesterday for many places including Otautau:

  • The use of unattended sprinklers or irrigation systems is strictly prohibited.
  • Only hand-held hosing is permitted.
  • Odd-numbered properties may irrigate on odd-numbered days of the month and even-numbered properties on even-numbered days. For example, residents at 3 James Street may irrigate on 25 January, but not on 26 January.
  • Hand-held hosing may only be carried out between 6pm and 9am. All hosing between 9am and 6pm is strictly prohibited.
  • Tuesday, 3 January 2012

    Food Bill

    The controversial proposed Food Bill 160-2 has aroused concern amongst many NZers. People are concerned it will make it difficult or illegal for homegrowers and small food producers to trade because of tighter controls. Click on the link above to read the bill and if you would like to oppose the bill, you can click on this link to sign a petition against the bill.

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