Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Janice Manson

Today the community gathered for a service in memory of Janice Manson. Her life touched hundreds of people, and she will long be remembered for the genuinely kind person that she was.

This photo is from our tai chi class, taken last September. Janice is in the middle. She was not only learning tai chi but pursued funding options to keep the class going and prepared morning tea for us before each session.

Whenever someone leaves the community by passing on, it makes us review our lives and our work. May we follow her example of a life well-lived and good works well-done.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Ford Day

 More than a few hot rods showed their stuff at the All Ford Day & Classic Car Show at Holt Park on Sunday.
Many of us were surprised by the ultra hot weather and the uninvited wasps flying all around. Could've used that dunk tank they had a few years ago to cool off or even more people selling ice blocks or ice cream. But it was a good show and hopefully local groups got some good fundraising out of it. Thanks again to Otautau Promotions for exquisite organisation and making it happen once again for the community.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Track Maintenance

A rail crew was out early this morning cleaning up the track between Main Street and King Street. It had become laden with mud and whatnot. First they detached it and moved it completely off-centre, creating these amazing curves.

The heavy lifting was easily done by this Komatsu and the nimble touch of the driver/operator.

Only a few hours later, the rails have been cleaned, re-aligned and re-attached to the track at both ends. Next, they'll put new balast in. Great to see the track looking so good again.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

'Your Place - Otautau'

In case you missed it, last week, Jim Mora on National Radio featured Otautau on his segment 'Your Place'. He interviewed Margaret Drake of the 4-Square, John Crane of BrightWood NZ, and Peter Herrick of Otautau Promotions. The interview lasted 27 mins. If you see the player below, click the play button on the left to listen.

If the player does not appear, click here to listen to the mp3 file.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Three Churches...

While I took over 130 photos of the Three Churches Flower & Quilt Walk event, only two pictures per venue will appear in this post. I know some people can look at flowers for only so long while my enthusiasm knows no bounds.
The Union Church - Painted China and Floral Art

Jean Watt's display of painted china was very beautiful and impressive as were the flowers created by the Western Southland Floral Art group.
St Joseph's Catholic Church - Quilts
Judith Day and Vanya Bailey admiring the quilts.

New Life Church - Competition and non competition entries (flowers, vegetables, children's artwork, photography

Woodturning by Mike Broomhall.

Art entries from the Otautau School and Brownies were plentiful.

The Courthouse - Arts and Crafts
Hayley Lawn sits amongst her collection of handmade dolls. She has been refining her technique for six years. Every doll has strong visual appeal and unique character traits. I could've done portraits of each doll - they all seemed to have a story to tell. Hayley is available to teach people how to make dolls.

Also featured at the Courthouse were woodturning creations by Mike Broomhall, paintings and sculpture by Hayley Pienaar, photography by Kelly Cormack, handmade greeting cards by Samara Guttery, and the visual art of Quint Baker.

On the museum side of the Courthouse, the Brides of Otautau & Beyond display opened today. It features 16 wedding dresses of local women. There are three sets of mother and daughter dresses represented: Mary Smith and her daughter Heather Guise; Daphne Kennedy and her daughter Judy Gimblett; and Peggy Manson and her daughters Margaret and Sheila.
Shown above is Margaret James' dress which came all the way from Arrowtown where Margaret now resides.
Later in the afternoon, prizes were awarded - mostly to people who weren't there to accept them. But these two lucky young ladies got their pick of some neat offerings.

Local businesses such as Otautau Joinery, the Central Garage, Western Electrical and others furnished the prizes like this slow cooker from Western Electrical won by Betty Flett (right). Raewyn Black, a JP (left), was on hand for the prize-giving.

Faimie McGlen successfully organised the Three Churches event - her first time at such a big undertaking. The natural wonder of churches and the beauty of these handmade inspirations complement each other. We hope she will do it all again next year with a few more helping hands.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ladies Golf Tournament

Fifty women golfers from as far as Wanaka, Arrowtown, Wyndham and Tokanui came to play at the Ladies Tournament at the Otautau Golf course today.
It was rainy, however that was no match for their hearty spirits. Out came the rain capes for the bags and umbrellas for the players.

Otautau's Faye Ballam with her rain cover, ready to head for the green.

A player practicing her swing.

The tee for the 'gully' hole is on a hill, several meters high; and the trick is not to overshoot as the player with the white umbrella can attest.

After a full day of golf, the players came into the clubroom for a big meal and conversation. Afterwards, there was a table full of goodies to win in the raffle, and then the prize-giving began. Skipping to the chase, the cup winner was Caryl Marshall.
 Caryl Marshall accepting the cup and tiara.

 Caryl Marshall winner of the Ladies Cup 2012.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Three Churches Flower and Quilt Walk

A new event is happening 11 February in Otautau - the Three Churches Flower and Quilt Walk. This is a community day that features local artists and craftspeople.

Floral art displays and painted china will be on display at the Union Church on Main Street; a quilt display at St Joseph's Church on Main Street; and competition flowers, vegetables, photography and children's entries and cookery at the New Life Church (Chester Street).

Note: competition entries need to be at the New Life Church from 2pm-6pm, Friday, 10 February. There are also non-competition sections so don't be shy!

The Catholic Parish Centre and the Courthouse will be open for artists and craftspeople to display and/or sell their work.

There will be a $2 door charge that will give entry into all displays. Tickets are available from any supporting venue. There will be a lucky ticket prize, and all entries go into the draw for great prizes donated by the local business community.

If you want to know more or join in the fun, please email Faimie.

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