Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Janice Manson

Today the community gathered for a service in memory of Janice Manson. Her life touched hundreds of people, and she will long be remembered for the genuinely kind person that she was.

This photo is from our tai chi class, taken last September. Janice is in the middle. She was not only learning tai chi but pursued funding options to keep the class going and prepared morning tea for us before each session.

Whenever someone leaves the community by passing on, it makes us review our lives and our work. May we follow her example of a life well-lived and good works well-done.


Vanya said...

Cathy its lovely we have this photo asa reminder of Janice and her kindness in being the lynch pin for our tai chi class. She was a lovely lady nd willbe much misses by her family and her friends.

Cathy said...

Thanks, Vanya. I agree. Janice's kindness and effectiveness will be much missed by all.

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