Saturday, 24 March 2012

Tuatapere v Otautau

Waiau Star successfully defended a challenge from Otautau for the Western Banner today at the Tuatapere Domain.

Looking at the banner, it would've been a miracle if we'd won as it hasn't happened since 1982. Waiau have held it three times over the last five years.

We'd had a downpour before the game so the ground was wet, and there was a definite breeze in Waiau's favour for the first half. Their tries seemed to come all too quickly.

Still, here are a few moments from the game.
 Some good breaks against the line.

And lots of getting amongst it.

 Lineouts were pretty good.

Made it to the try line a few times but were held up by the Waiau defense.

Lots of good tackles like this one that kept the opposition scoreless in the second half.

The season is just starting. Looking forward to the next game already.

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