Sunday, 27 May 2012

Woodland Creature Held to Account

Last Friday, the Otautau Courthouse held a much-anticipated night session. Interested members of the community packed the building to watch the spectacle. In what is surely the trial of the decade, the infamous woodland villain, Mr B.B. Wolf,  would finally be held to account for his many crimes.

Every trial has twists and turns. These tense moments made for good drama. In the above picture, Hansel is being sworn in by the bailiff as the D.A. prepares to exam the witness. Of course, this was just minutes before the bailiff realised that Hansel, Gretl and Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz were all in the wrong courtroom! The Wolf could've easily have asked for a mistrial, but the judge, visibly perturbed, banished the errant witnesses from the room and continued.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf was also a menace to the proceedings, and he was thrown out after numerous outbursts.

At the heart of the trial were the endearing witnesses. These included the Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandmother. Each testified earnestly, telling of their now-famous tragic encounters with the Wolf. But the clever wolf meticulously twisted their words, casting doubt over their testimony.

In the end, the jury (the audience) was asked to decide the Wolf's fate. Deliberation didn't take long but counting the votes did! That added to the overall intensity of the evening. The judge read the verdict: Guilty! And the room erupted in cheers.

For exclusive photos of the proceedings, see the St Andrews Scout Group facebook page.

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