Saturday, 18 August 2012

Town Hall Centenary

Well, it was a hundred years ago this week that the new Town Hall was about to open with a grand concert and dance.

The foundation stone, laid in 1911, coincided with the coronation of King George V, and the building was completed in 1912.

Many major events took place in that hall over the last century - from celebrations to commemorations to civil defence during the floods and flu epidemic. The building evokes a lifetime of memories for those who took part in those events.

According to the Southland District Council, the Town Hall is a 'quake-prone' building as are many historic brick and mortar buildings throughout Southland, and is closed to the public.

So, it is sad not to celebrate the centenary of this once great community centre with a big gathering inside the hall - with stories told, pictures displayed and food shared among friends and families.

Hopefully, this is but a transition point, and we will once again have a place to gather as a community and share great events once again.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Birthday Milestone

Photo © 2012  Margaret Gutsell
On August 1st, Fay Ballam (centre) celebrated her 85th birthday by golfing with friends Jill Marshall (left) and Margaret Gutsell (right). Fay plays golf at the Otautau Golf Club and walks regularly to stay fit.

Happy Birthday, Fay. You are an inspiration to our community.

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