Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Gone But Not Forgotten

The Fairlight terminus - previously the Otautau Railway Station.
It's been 16 years, but you can still find people who'll talk about losing the Otautau Railway Station. It's a familiar story - townfolk, who want to keep their heritage, at odds with local government who dont want the liability.

But our old railway station is still alive and well on the road to Queenstown. It's situated in Fairlight and is the southern leg of the Kingston Flyer, a 14km train-riding adventure. It was moved there in 1996 and is now a gift shop.

The Flyer is temporarily closed for repairs and is also for sale, so the future of this unique tourist attraction is unknown. Meanwhile, the Fairlight station stands ready for the next train. It may be gone from Otautau but certainly not forgotten.

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