Friday, 5 July 2013

Need2Know Insurance Estimates

Just a reminder that if you are using the Need2Know insurance calculator and the estimates are coming up astronomically high - like in the half-a-million and above range, you may want to consult a qualified insurance valuer or a builder. You can find these in the phone book or online.

I've heard from two sources in the insurance and valuation fields that the Need2Know calculations are 'inflated' and unusually high. Maybe they think Otautau is really a posh suburb in Auckland? The cost includes demolition and removal of the old house, but still I wouldn't think it would cost over $500,000 to rebuild a house that is not worth more than $165,000 in today's market.

Election 2017

Election season has swung into gear with the next General Election on Saturday, September 23rd - 7 1/2 weeks away. Not much has changed with...