Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Arboretum Sprouting Projects

The Alex McKenzie Memorial Arboretum Trust has noteworthy planting projects sprouting up all over - a streamside wildflower spot, a native wetland area, and soon, a long avenue of maples. But most recently, the Trust installed a Flaxmiller's Garden made possible by the Fonterra Grass Roots Fund.

This area, which is just down from the heritage apple orchard, commemorates the linen flax mill and its workers. The mill was built for the WWII effort but is no longer standing. In fact, of the 11 flax linen mills in NZ, it is the only one that no longer exists. So the trust decided to make a garden in honour of the workers and the mill.

The garden is replete with well-spaced azaleas, camellias, rhododendrons and cherry trees and promises to be a very colourful part of the arboretum.

Initial laying out of plants
Last Saturday, volunteers gathered to do the planting. Sandra McKenzie had a planting plan and had marked ahead of time where the plants should go. She used bright orange paint so it was easy to put the plants in place.

Camellias needed a little clip to attach them to the stake yet not impede growth.
After fertilising and planting, we put clips on to support some of the smaller camellias.

Next we covered with straw to keep the weeds down.

Volunteers made it all happen.
This and the other planting projects at the arboretum will no doubt enhance its value to visitors, insects and birds, making it more beautiful every year. Thanks to the Trust and volunteers for caring and doing such a great job. 

Nice Old Cars

The Invercargill Vintage Car Club came to town today. What a treat to see these nice old cars on our street.

 A BSA 3-wheeler

Model A Ford - such a classic!

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