Sunday, 23 February 2014

Three Churches Flower and Quilt Walk

There was lots of talent on display this year at the Three Churches Flower and Quilt Walk. The weather was good and the crowds gave great feedback on the show. Here are a few highlights.
At the Courthouse, Melinda and Lana from the Artists Collective filled half the courtroom with their own creations and those from the Collective. Here is just a sample including wood laser cutting by Lana.

These beautiful wooden objects were carved by the very talented Maurice Caughey.

Maurice Caughey using a dremel to carve patterns into this paper-thin wooden vase.
The Heddon Bush Quilting Group and Kerrie Gow filled the Catholic Church with their amazing quilts.

Next door at the Parish Centre, the fibre arts people were the main attraction.
Lacemaker, Janet Macrae, and two others demonstrated the fine art of bobbin lacemaking.
Sparkly beads and necklaces caught the eye of this young lady and her grandmother.
At the New Life Church, homemade arts, crafts and vegetables were on show.
Grass heads from the New Life Sunday School kids.
Sea shell waterfall, Under the Sea, by the Brownies. Very original!
Really nice baby dolls and knitted clothes.
Lovely flowers in the flower section.

 The Western Floral Art Club adorned the Presbyterian Church with their stunning creations.

It was a great day thanks to the organisers and volunteers!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Three Churches Flower and Quilt Walk 2014

The Three Churches Flower and Quilt Walk is coming up soon. It's on Saturday, 22 February, 11am to 4pm. Venues will be easy to find, starting on Main Street. Just look for the yellow balloons.

Quilts @ St Joseph's Church
The quilt airing, featuring works from the Heddon Bush Quilters and Kerrie Gow, will be at St Joseph's Catholic Church (89 Main Street, Otautau).

Fibre Craft @ Parish Centre
Lace-making, spinning, knitting, crochet, embroidery and craft sales will be at the Catholic Parish Centre, next to St Joseph's Church.

Flowers @ Presbyterian Church
Bright and beautiful flowers from the Western Floral Art Club will grace the Presbyterian Church (126 Main Street).

Arts and Crafts @ Courthouse
Fine woodwork, art and craft will be at the Courthouse (146 Main Street). Walk through the museum and see the Wee Ones: Baby Memorabilia of Otautau exhibition.

Competition @ New Life Church
Everyone is welcome to enter in the competition and non-competition (display-only) entries of flowers, vegetables, baking, photography, children's art, crafts stalls and pop-up cafe. This will be at the New Life Church (corner of Chester and Queen Streets). Entries need to comply with the schedule so download the Three Churches schedule (pdf file, 519 KB) or pick one up at PGG Wrightson (Otautau). Entries to be staged and accepted 2pm-6pm, Friday 21 February, at the New Life Church. Presentation of prizes from 3:50pm, Saturday. Further details, please call (03) 225 8530 or email Faimie

There will be raffles and lucky tickets.

$2 for adults, free for children. All venues are included in the price.

Proceeds support the Otautau Community Trust

Businesses Open
Be sure to visit Feral Forge (open all day; Knutsford Road), Otautau Joinery Showroom (open 1pm-3pm, 151 Main Street), and pick your own blueberries at the Blueberry Farm (weather permitting; 513 Otautau Drummond Road, 5 km from Otautau).

If you'd like to volunteer for certificate writing (Friday, after 6pm); or on Saturday from 11am during the event or for clean-up which starts at 4pm, get in touch with Faimie.

Three Churches is made possible with the generous support of PGG Wrightson, Otautau Joinery, Kelly Cormack Photography, Robbie Blair, The Good Family, DT King, SBS Bank, St Joseph's Catholic Church, the Otautau Presbyterian Church, the New Life Church, and the Winton and District Horicultural Society.

If you'd like to enter or need more information, contact Faimie (03) 225 8530 or email. Lots of entries will make a great show.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Chinese New Year

Hope it's not too late to wish our Otautau Chinese residents, Gong Xi Fa Cai (wishing prosperity in the new year;  pronunciation here).

In this, the year of the horse, may we all act on wise instincts and gallop ahead.

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