Sunday, 23 February 2014

Three Churches Flower and Quilt Walk

There was lots of talent on display this year at the Three Churches Flower and Quilt Walk. The weather was good and the crowds gave great feedback on the show. Here are a few highlights.
At the Courthouse, Melinda and Lana from the Artists Collective filled half the courtroom with their own creations and those from the Collective. Here is just a sample including wood laser cutting by Lana.

These beautiful wooden objects were carved by the very talented Maurice Caughey.

Maurice Caughey using a dremel to carve patterns into this paper-thin wooden vase.
The Heddon Bush Quilting Group and Kerrie Gow filled the Catholic Church with their amazing quilts.

Next door at the Parish Centre, the fibre arts people were the main attraction.
Lacemaker, Janet Macrae, and two others demonstrated the fine art of bobbin lacemaking.
Sparkly beads and necklaces caught the eye of this young lady and her grandmother.
At the New Life Church, homemade arts, crafts and vegetables were on show.
Grass heads from the New Life Sunday School kids.
Sea shell waterfall, Under the Sea, by the Brownies. Very original!
Really nice baby dolls and knitted clothes.
Lovely flowers in the flower section.

 The Western Floral Art Club adorned the Presbyterian Church with their stunning creations.

It was a great day thanks to the organisers and volunteers!

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