Friday, 19 September 2014

Arboretum in Spring

The Alex McKenzie Memorial Arboretum is brimming with life. The kererū are enjoying a particular willow near the back of the property. This sight alone is worth the visit as a flock of 10-20 can be seen in this tree.

These white-faced herons (matuku moana) dancing in the air.

The wildflower garden is not quite in bloom but it's just around the corner. The tussocks in the background that were planted last year are doing fine as well.

There are two memorial plaques that have been installed. This one is to commemorate the Women's Division of Federated Farmers (erected by Western Southland Rural Women) and is situated at the start of the maple avenue. The leaves of these trees are a brilliant red in the autumn so this will be quite a sight as the years roll on. 

The other memorial is at the Flaxmillers garden at the far end. The daffs and the camelias have blooms but there is more to come in this special area.

The arboretum is run by volunteers. If you like to help or make a donation, please do!

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