Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Armistice Day and WWI Unveiling

On Tuesday, the Otautau RSA and members of the public gathered at the war memorial for the annual Armistice Day ceremony. Afterwards, they traveled to the Alex McKenzie Memorial Arboretum for a special unveiling. 

In the big clearing where other personal memorial trees have been planted, the Arboretum Trust has planted a Cercidiphyllum japonicum. It's a hardwood from Asia that can grow up to 45m. It is there to commemorate the beginning of World War I. 

Draped with the Union Jack, the plaque was unveiled by Brian Drummond and Jim Gibson of the RSA.

The plaque reads: Cercidiphyllum japonicum, 2014. Planted to Commemorate the Commencement of World War I by the Alex McKenzie Arboretum Trust.
This tree will now become Otautau's World War I tree to remind us of the sacrifice and loss caused by the war. Thanks to the Arboretum Trust and the Otautau RSA for creating this lasting memorial.

Photos by Jan Lowrey.

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