Monday, 1 December 2014

Lydia's and Rory's in the Making?

After a few cancellations due to bad weather last month, the Western Zone Primary School Golf Tournament was all go on the 18th of November at the Otautau Golf Club. Five schools came to practice skills and compete for golfing glory.  Any one of them could be a Lydia Ko or Rory McIlroy in the making but I think most were just happy to be outside enjoying a full day of golf.

It was a fine, sunny morning, and the kids were rarin' to go, but first they happily posed for team photos.

The Heddon Bush junior team
The Heddon Bush senior team
The Winton team
The Otautau team
The Drummond team
The Waiau team
Half of the teams played a few holes of golf while the other half practiced at various skill stations. One of the stations was the Chuck and Putt which provided a few challenges as it was harder than it looked. Three competitors chucked a ball each onto the putting green, and wherever it landed is where they had to take their putt from.

Good chucking form
Preparing to putt against each other
Good composure.
Nearby, the Snag Golf station always provided a challenge. The player had to hit a snag ball at a target. The person holding the target could not move their feet but could move the target to get the ball.
Hand-eye co-ordination for both players.
Just about to snag it.
Driver practice was also on the schedule.
Eyes on the ball.
A good full swing and still tracking the ball.
Meanwhile the other kids were heading out to play a few holes of golf.
With golf bags in tow, heading out to play.
After lunch they switched places so that by the day's end all got to practice specific skills as well as play golf in a competitive setting.

And who won?

1st - Drummond 1(Matt Hal, Ollie Stevens, Alex Doyle, Brenna Gibbs)
2nd - Drummond 2 (Partrick Marron, Nicholas McLeish, Courtney Laughton, Emma Freemans)
3rd - Winton 2 (Rachel Alexander, Ollie Waldrom, Lochie Earland, Jogs Milne)
4th - Waiau 1 (Ben Egerton, Emma Howden, Cameron Johnston, Sam Unahi)

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